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Siemens Matched G120 C Drive and SD 100 Motor by Siemens
Integrated Drive Systems transform standard motors and drives into a strong competitive
advantage by improving efficiency, reliability and productivity while minimizing your
total operating cost.

Power range 1 to 20 Hp

Three reasons to buy Siemens Drive and Motor:

1-Quick, efficient setup and wiring in pump, fan, and compressor applications with
pre-defined application macros provided via the SINAMICS G120C drive. The terminals
are pre-assigned and the parameters are automatically set.

2- High reliability from rugged cast-iron SIMOTICS SD100 motors with inverter-duty ratings
(4:1 speed range for constant torque, 20:1 speed range for variable torque).

3- Three-year warranty, which is standard with the purchase of a matched
drive-motor package.
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