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Why Use The Werma Mdc System?

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Why Use The Werma Mdc System?

Why Use The Werma Mdc System?

WERMA Machine Data Collection System (MDC) - Retrofit solutions for transparency in production processes

Why Use the MDC System?
• Obtain greater overview in your production facility
• Monitor the status of all machines, equipment or manual workstations in a single control station view
• Low cost and easy to install
• Easy to run - no programming knowledge required

Because it is easy to install or retrofit:
• Wireless – minimal cabling required
• No complex changes to existing IT infrastructure
• Independent of ERP system or similar
• Existing signal tower serves as the common interface
• Modular design, easy to add further components

Central Control Station Offers -

Greater Flexibility:
• Changes in production quantities are easier to identify and manage
• React more effectively to product/volume variations

A Better Overview of:
• All machines/equipment irrespective of type
• Manual workstations

A Quicker Response:
• Recognize production issues sooner
• Reduce reaction times and downtime
• Get help and/or material to machine quicker

Comprehensive Data Analysis:
• To identify weak spots and implement improvements
• Makes optimization transparent

System Components -
• Monitors the status and output of up to 50 machines or workstations
• Transmits data to the receiver
• Repeater function offers a transmission range up to 900m
• Receives all the data sent by transmitters in the network
• Transfers and saves the data to a Microsoft SQL database
• Control station view of status of all machines and workstations
• Retrospective analysis of data
• Process optimization
• React quickly to production disruptions
• Produce reports