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Mb Connect - Mbnetfix

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Mb Connect - Mbnetfix

Mb Connect - Mbnetfix

How to Preserve Secured Data Communication Flows:

Industry 4.0 is about seamless data flow all across the company, from the machines on the factory floor to the ERP and the order-shipping-billing system in the office floor, and even to people and systems outside the company. The question is, how to preserve transparent data communication flows, while ensuring cybersecurity?

The answer is an industrial firewall which will filter allowed and forbidden traffic. That way, precisely those communication channels can be filtered, that are an intrusion-hazard for Trojans, bots and viruses.

The mbNETFIX is exactly that kind of industrial firewall, especially designed for the automation industry. A special feature is the integrated learning function. The firewall learns the data traffic and the user is able to directly and explicitly release or block the connections of each IP-unit out of a learned packet chart.

Developed according to the highest security standard, this firewall is easily configured with little knowledge and manipulations. With the operating modes Gateway and Bridge it seamlessly integrates into new and already existing network structures.

In the Bridgemode it can be integrated easily into existing networks, that are in the same network segment and protects the data exchange between WAN<> LAN via packet filter. It integrates itself transparently and an IP-Address allocation is not necessary.

In the Gatewaymode WAN and LAN will get a defined IP-address and therefore segment the networks. Here functions such as NAT and Forwarding can be used to route data traffic to secondary networks. Here the packet filter is also available and manages the data exchange between WAN <> LAN.

From the start the concept is based on Security by Design. To keep the attack vectors as small as possible a webinterface for configuration has been dispensed. The firewall will be configured with a software via the USB Port. For IT-Experts we offer also an SSH interface as an selectable option.

A highlight is the built-in learning function, which simplifies commissioning and even astonishes experts.

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