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Motion Coordinator - Trio Motion

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Trio Motion - Motion Coordinator

Motion Coordinator by Trio Motion

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Why use Trio Motion?

A single programming interface that is scalable from single axis up to 64 axes of coordinated motion.
Motion Perfect is designed to make setup, diagnostics, commissioning and using our range of Motion Coordinators as simple as possible. It provides the user with an easy to understand Windows based interface for rapid application development, controller configuration and monitoring of controller processes.

The Trio BASIC programming language, with a powerful suite of instructions and tools developed over 20 years, makes even the most advanced motion programming easy. Trio BASIC provides ease of programming for many complex applications. With multitasking and subroutine capabilities, it allows users to create modular programs, ideal for code reuse and better readability thus saving valuable time.

A range of Motion Coordinators, with unique modular design to make sure that whatever the drive, motor and feedback type you choose, you can control it simply, with only the hardware needed. Then only pay for the features that you use on the controller, saving cost and reducing the panel space required.

Please let me know if you need any additional information or application assistance.
Susan Nangle
914-523-0300 cell


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About Trio Motion

Trio Motion Distributor - New Jersey, New York, and Long Island

Trio Motion Technology is a leading manufacturer of high-performance industrial motion control products.

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