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Robotiq - Most In Demand Applications

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Robotiq - Most In Demand Applications

Robotiq - Most In Demand Applications

Assembly and Quality Testing are two applications where Robotiq's products offer and impressive return on investment for clients and potential customers.


Assembly covers a wide range of applications and the flexibility of products used is critical. Coupled with Robotiq's Gripper, the FT 300 Force Torque Sensor enables the performance of several solutions in an effective and efficient way.

Robotiq’s Force Torque Sensors give your robot the sense of touch. By installing a Force Torque Sensor on your robot, you’ll be able to reliably perform tasks such as precision part insertion, assembly and fabrication, and product testing.

Quality Testing:

Easy integration, zero maintenance and higher productivity allow different industries to perform unique quality tests.Continental Automotive Spain has integrated several Universal Robots to their manufacturing process. Continental uses the 2-Finger 85 Adaptive Robot Gripper to perform recurring tasks in its quality testing process while increasing the efficiency of the operator's work.